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Kennebunk excessive faculty senior Will Jones has been a tireless suggest in opposition t pollution that harms marine life considering that he become six years old. His efforts to the neighborhood have resulted in a proposed ordinance prohibiting the free up and out of doors reveal of balloons that will go before voters in June.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Tuesday to position the ordinance on the town pollin June.

“It’s been extraordinary working with you on this,” Selectman Shiloh Schulte said to Jones. “I appreciate your ardour.”

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Jones has been working with the board and the ordinance committee for the previous two years to refine the ordinance, which would prohibit the out of doors liberate and the out of doors reveal of all kinds of balloons, but would no longer evade the sale of balloons on the town, or use inside private constructions. it might prohibit using balloons inner any public constructing owned or leased by way of the town of Kennebunk, despite the fact that they are not launched.

“pleasure for a toddler doesn't come from a balloon. infants are sensible and might take note this idea,” Jones pointed out at Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen assembly. “instructing a child that releasing a balloon has penalties to an animal is a superb lesson in personal responsibility, and they keep in mind this very smartly.”

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Jones study letters from native college babies who discovered about the risks of balloons to whales and different marine lifestyles, and pledged to assist protect them with the aid of no longer using balloons.

He thanked the Board of Selectmen and the ordinance committee for working with him, and entreated the community to assist the ordinance. As a token of his appreciation he gave the board knowledgeable bubble desktop for use by using the town at events, in its place of balloons.

a couple of neighborhood members confirmed early guide for the ordinance at Tuesday’s assembly, together with Mimi Hoff and her daughter Arianna.

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Hoff stated Montana became a place with an incredible conservation effort, and they inspired their babies to gain knowledge of about the environment. once they moved to Maine she said her little ones discovered an additional chapter in what it skill to cope with the planet, now residing near the ocean.

“We normally decide on up balloons on the seashore, and it makes me really sad that it’s not regarded littering. thank you, Will for all you have achieved, and that i believe together we are able to carry our babies to have a different level of focus and study all the astonishing alternatives there are to celebrate,” Hoff noted.

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The proposed ordinance entitled “Ordinance prohibiting the free up and monitor of balloons” reads: “No person will knowingly or intentionally unlock balloons or trigger balloons to be released at any outdoor get together, promotional exercise, wearing or different adventure, or in any public constructing. No adult shall cause or enable a set exterior reveal of balloons.”

The proposed ordinance could be enforced through the Kennebunk Police department or the Code Enforcement Officer, it reads. “Any violation of this ordinance will probably be regarded a civil violation and subject to penalties as dependent within the city’s fee and high-quality schedule for each and every liberate.”

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To read the entire proposed ordinance go to the document middle on the town website at

The thought will go before voters for approval on the June 11 city ballot.


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