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outdoor advertising led display
Chipshow's LED screen has been applied in an outdoor promoting task - the high-velocity flyover at Cairo, Egypt.

lately, we learned from Chipshow international Ministry that they signed an enormous cooperative agreement with Egyptian contractors; this motorway engineering project has been formally commenced in 2015.

This LED screen for outside promoting is hooked up on the Cairo high-pace flyover, with 21 square meters per each of four pieces in complete, with a complete area of eighty four rectangular meters. This venture leverages the Chipshow AK10D full colour outside LED display, providing a delicate and natural video efficiency, excessive-end exceptional, which is well got via customers. This has laid a fine foundation for Chipshow to obtain extra breakthroughs in the Egyptian market.

Chipshow's AK10D series LED reveal points a common module measurement 320mm* 320mm, cupboard measurement 960mm*960mm. reveal gap is reduced more than 50% and smoothness improved by leaps and bounds. setting up and preservation are simplified, substitute and upgrades are less difficult, and orders are fulfilled rapidly and flexibly. It has been the usual banner in the LED industry..

Chipshow's AK10D LED display, a sizzling-selling model for the present market, indicates a delicate picture and vivid colours. therefore, the P10 outdoor LED reveal is extremely appreciated by means of shoppers and has turn into the favourite option to spread tips & play advertising for building-selling centers, station squares, high-pace roads, airports, etc. With a pretty good recognition, first-rate provider, and extraordinary technology, outside advertisers positioned their have faith and self assurance in Chipshow.

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