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Common Indoor LED Display
sure TECH now presents the SIXI indoor full color LED monitor collection in the following varieties: two, indoor LED monitor collection kinds: P4, P5, P6, two, P10

SIXI: equal dimensions - 244*244mm module can be compatible with numerous items with different pixel pitch.

SIXI indoor LED monitor features1. LED: Adopting famous manufacturer's LEDs, which boosts our LED viewing angle, provides excessive brightness, low easy failure, strong warmth dissipation and shiny riding IC: famous brands reminiscent of Philips, Toshiba; evade defectphenomena, comparable to darkish vibrant, virtual easy and so vigour give: Industrial-electricity manufacturer. The energy t highest power reserve of 20% the house, the range of voltage fluctuation is below 5%, excessive Connector: Aerial grade manufacturers ensure the sturdy transmission of vigour and PCB: FR-four A2 CCL, adopts 4-layer design.

stunning display1. excessive distinction masks design: New antiglare masks design, excellent sand processing and black coating on the floor, no glare, and superior automated SMT: Adopting excessive-end computerized SMT computing device, advanced wave soldering and reflow soldering processing, to without difficulty evade the inaccurate plug, plug leakage, leakage welding, virtual welding Module suite: Improves the planarity of the total display, and reduces the seam between neighboring Multi-grey screen: Adopts 16bit gray processing technology to restoration herbal photograph. And the usage of S-PWM using know-how to add grey grade, meets the 16bit excessive gray reveal requirements with low point via point correction: The correction technology of brightness and chromaticity ensure the uniformity of the LED video display’s brightness and colour.

range and ease1. a number of installing strategies: cabinet meeting or magnetic suction installation2. handy maintenance: non-compulsory entrance preservation, returned preservation and single aspect renovation in accordance with the installing site.

Contact: Hunan Xinyasheng know-how & construction Co., Ltd. (sure-Tech)+86-0731-8453-9619

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