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small pixel pitch led display
Procurement middle provides news Chipshow Small Pixel Pitch LED monitor in Hubei Province.

Product mannequin: Procurement center in Hubei ProvinceApplication: HD LED displayPitch: mmQuantity: 1 PieceSize: Small Pixel Pitch LED monitor | HD LED monitor | Indoor LED display

Introduction:Chipshow Small Pixel Pitch HD LED monitor in Procurement core of Hubei Province, pitch: mmRefresh rate: >2000 HzBrightness: 50-800 nitsCabinet size: 320*320*eighty five mmCabinet Weight: kg

striking reveal has awesome display satisfactory even when brightness is reduced to 20%.The so-called seamless, thinnest, and super-thin advertising and marketing can under no circumstances exchange the fact that there are still gaps between cabinets, while Chipshow’s speedy-connector makes actual seamless splicing viable.

320 mm*320 mm cabinet and first rate Uniformity320 mm*320 mm cabinet. ultra slim and light cupboard is above all designed for conference methods, all wall-installed solid aluminum cabinet ensures you a flat and seamless rate uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction know-how deliver you pure graphic with great gradation.

Modular Design and high ReliabilityModular design. efficient and least expensive installment and protection. Patented cooling gadget, fanless, non-noise, power-saving and reliability. Redundant N+1 power device, twin sign sizzling backup. Auto-change and warn malfunction.

vast View AngleVertical/horizontal: a hundred and sixty°/one hundred sixty°, broadcast-degree color gamut, CT and brightness adjustable -- extra appropiate for long-time watching.

application placesIdeal for auditoriums, convention rooms, ceremonial dinner halls and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and computer screen programs.

Contact: Shenzhen Chip Optech Co.,LTD+86-755-83419012

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