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Fan-free outdoor LED Display adopts user-friendly design. Front Service outdoor LED displayThere’s no ventilation fans in cabinet. Nature heat dissipation allows the screen with better water and dust resistance performance, no noise during working.

The cabinet is very light weight (26kg), with fast locks. These make it easy to carry and connect cabinets during installation, save a lot of labor cost. And it can be mounted on the wall. With only 95mm depth, it saves much space to install a screen.

Fan-free outdoor LED Displays can be used in most outdoor cases as advertising screen on the building, road side signs, mobile billboard.

They are available for P10.66/P16. The features are as follows:

-Front Service LED display,Fan-free design, working silently without noise.

-Cabinet size 768x960x95mm, weight 26kg.

-Thin. 40% thinner than traditional cabinet, saves most spaces.

-Light weight. 30% lighter weight than common cabinet.

-fan-free noiseless LED display,Equipped with Fast Locks, easy to install.

-Module full water-proof, both front service and rear service available.

-No power and signal cables from modules, fit the EMC requirement mostly.

Generally, the luminous life of LEDs is very long, and manufacturers generally indicate that they are more than 100,000 hours. Actually, attention should also be paid to the brightness decay period of outdoor fixed led display. For example, most of the UR red tubes used for automobile taillights are illuminated for ten to several tens of hours. It’s only half of the original. The brightness decay period has a lot to do with the material process of LED production. Generally, four-element LEDs with slower luminance decay should be used when economic conditions permit.

noiseless outdoor LED display,White is a mixture of red, green and blue colors according to the brightness ratio. When the brightness of green light is 69%, the brightness of red is 21%, and the brightness of blue is 10%, the human eye feels pure white after color mixing. . However, the chromaticity coordinates of the LED red, green and blue colors cannot achieve the full chromatographic effect due to the process and the like, and the control primary colors include the brightness of the biased primary colors to obtain white light, which is called color matching.


Specifications (DIP346 Ultra High Brightness LED Lamps):

Model No.



Pixel Pitch






Module size(mm)



Cabinet Size ( L x W x H )

768 x 960 x 95mm

768 x 960 x 95mm

Cabinet Weight ( Kgs)

26 ( Aluminum)

26 ( Aluminum)

Cabinet Resolution

72 x 90

48 x 60

Pixel Density

8,789 dots/m2

3,906 dots/m2





281 trillion

281 trillion

Viewing Angle  

140°H and 140°v

140°H and 140°v

Refresh Rate  



Minimum viewing distance



Scan Mode



Power Consumption (Max / Avg)

560 / 210 w/m2

600 / 220 w/m2

Input Voltage (AC)

110V / 220V

110V / 220V

IP Rate

IP65 / IP43

IP65 / IP43


100,000 hours

100,000 hours


>10,000 hours

>10,000 hours

Defect Rate



Operation systems



Data transmission distance

CAT5/6 cable transmission distance 120m/max
Multi-mode fiber optics transmission distance 500m/max Single-mode optic fiber transmission distance 10km/max



  LED video wall project picture for references 

   LITESTAR LED main material advantages




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